Trade Your Plan

Trade Your Plan is a Sierra Chart Expert.

BullBearsPro highlights important nuances in the videos. 

(It is important to note that all must be within the context of the current market structure).

@ 9:54 Volume Bars

@ 32:20 10 SMA & 20 SMA.

How the 10 SMA can help identify STRONG Trend.

How the 20 SMA can help identify SUSTAINED Trend.

@ 23:30 to 29:57 Point & Figure use on ES Mini

Different settings for P&F in various market conditions for example. 1-12 or 2-12 also 3-12 depending on market volatility. 

@ 1:29 

Open multiple chart books on start-up.

@ 5:00

Change symbol routing to the broker you use for ex "IBKR".

@ 7:58 

Chart update intervolss in milliseconds.